Laser Therapy

In Summary

The Main 3 Theories of Cold Laser Effectiveness

Put the optimum energy: (Dosage measured joules) into the tissue. This is the core technology of photobiostimulation. ColdLasers.Org agrees that proper dosage is the core technology and probably has the highest correlation to efficacy.

Pulse the laser to get an additional reaction from tissue: Pulsing adds an extra dimension to lasers and allows lasers to deliver higher peak energy levels while still being safe. In some applications, the pulsing frequency is of upmost importance. Pulsing can also make it harder for the body to become resistant to the therapy so it is more important for longer term treatment plans. This feature is great to tweak the laser for slightly better results but it is over-hyped by some manufacturers. Systems that only focus on pulsing often provide poor results and there are several scam laser companies that claim unrealistic pulsing properties.

Use different wavelengths to simulate different reactions: Wavelengths below 800nm interact with the body in a different way than those above 800nm. Every manufacturers says they have the best wavelength but they range from 1350nm down into the 400 nm (blue spectrum). 95% of professional therapy lasers operate in the 620nm to 980nm range. Research shows that 800 to 860 nm is the preferred wavelength for energizing damaged tissue. The more extreme and less established wavelengths are main offered in the hyper-marketed consumer market and there is very little science to justify the fringes of the market that make unbelievable claims about 'magic' wavelengths in the blue, purple, green and yellow spectrum. For any condition that requires deep penetration, the science states that 800 to 860nm is the best wavelength and for many special cases 600 to 660nm is the best option. If your primary focus is increasing circulation, then 980nm is mostly converted to deep heat. If you have time to do research, there are lots of publication to show what is the best wavelength for laser therapy.

Laser Therapy has been proven to be an extremely effective non-surgery and non-pharmaceutical option for reducing pain and inflammation. Over 4000 research papers and hundreds of books have shown that laser therapy offer an effective solution to a wide variety of health issues. We offer both class 3 and class 4 laser therapy sessions.

Product Features

  • Superior Protocol Support: Based on over 20 years of experience, that most laser companies don't put much effort into their protocols. In many of the "huge" protocol libraries form other companies, only the name of the protocol changes. They all default to to delivering max power for 10 minutes and no pulsing. Some systems will put the same dosage into an arthritic thumb as the put into a bad hip, defying all logic and therapy standards. The advanced internal library on the EVOlaser works perfectly with our extended protocol library to set the laser up to get the best result for each condition listed in the library. If you have used another high-end system, then you will really appreciate the effort that went into the EVOlaser protocols. It has one of the best internal protocol libraries of any high end laser and better protocols deliver superior results.
  • Fully Adaptive Protocols and Programmable Duty Cycle: The EVOlaser follows the best industry practices (like our protocol library) by adapting the treatment parameters to the patient. The setup screen to the left shows how each protocol is adapted based on the patient size, skin color and the chronicity of the condition. In addition to follow the best industry practices, the EVOlaser system allow for manually over-riding the standards. One of the secrets of the laser industry is the effect of duty-cycle (on/off ratio) on the dosage delivery. Many systems like the LiteForce┬« use a fixed 50% duty cycle. What this means is that users are paying a very high price to get a 25-watt system (that costs about $30,000) that only puts out 12.5 joules/second anytime they are pulsing the laser. Since you pulse the laser for most application, most users are wasting a huge amount of money because they are confused by the specification and how they change the performance. The EVOlaser solve this problem by providing users the ability to program the duty cycle. With the EVOlaser, you can set up to a 99% duty cycle so that means that an EVOlaser D30 pulsing at 99% will delivers more power (19 joules/second) and save you $16,500 when compared to a LiteForce┬« system. It makes you wonder why anyone would ever overpay so much.
  • Beautiful and Functionality: The beauty of the EVOlaser is more than just skin deep. The product is built with the highest quality components from top to bottom so you can expect many years of trouble-free service. The EVOlaser system performs a self-check at boot up so you know it is working properly.

  • Power: The EVOlaser sticks to the most established wavelength, 810nm, as the primary wavelength and allows secondary wavelengths for 980nm on the dual and adds 905nm and 625nm to the quad. Although these wavelength have a shallower depth of penetration, they are great for supplemental therapies. For animals with hoof and blood related problems, the 625nm wavelength is preferred and when you want a wavelength where most of the energy is converted into heat, the 980nm can be used for increasing circulation and extra pain control. This system give practitioners full access so they can optimize their treatment for a wide variety of applications. The EVO laser provides for a very high 3-dimensional power density that many experts think is the key to better therapeutic outcomes. Although lower power devices can deliver the same total energy level given enough time, they can never reach the same power density of the EVOlaser class-4 systems.

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