What is Photobiomodulation (PBM)?

Want to know more about what PBM is and how it works?  Below are some excellent videos/podcasts and links to the latest research. If you are new to PBM, we strongly encourage you to start with the first two video/podcast links to get a better foundation before proceeding to the linked papers below:

This video features Dr. Juanita Anders who is a pioneer and expert in the field of PBM. This is a great overview of the science and concepts in PBM. While the talk does get pretty technical and involved in places, a full understanding of all of the biological mechanisms that Dr. Anders discusses isn't necessary to get a high level understanding of the science and benefits of light therapy.

This link is an audio interview with Dr. Michael Hamblin (an associate professor at Harvard Medical School) and is an informative podcast type of interview regarding the latest in PBM research.


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