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Lighthouse exclusively uses the Regen Pod® Q8, a medical grade whole body LED based PBM pod. Regen Pods are the most powerful light therapy beds available in the market today. They use a proprietary combination of approximately 15,000 Red (630nm) and near-infrared (810,850 & 940nm) LED's, with each wavelength independently programmable for power level and pulsing frequency. Utilizing these capabilities, Lighthouse continues to develop proprietary protocols and programs, and can tailor programs for our clients that accommodate individual needs and goals.

The concept for the ReGen Pod came out of years of working directly with cold lasers and Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT). After successfully helping tens of thousands of individuals with PBMT, laser and light therapy equipment, we have seen what works and what is pure hype. With the development of the ReGen Pod, our goal is to build the ultimate tool for those who want an unattended whole-body PBM chamber. For many years, people have been asking for a commercial quality system to do unattended higher dosage PBM so we weeded through all the conflicting marketing, pseudo-science and wild claims to build a high-intensity LED device based on the core technologies and best practices of PBMT. Our product clearly distinguishes itself from other systems on the market because it is a software-driven system based on established standards for PBMT. Here are some of the highlights:

Product Features

  • The Right Wavelengths: We use a custom combination of red and infrared wavelengths (630nm, 810nm, 850nm and 940nm) optimized for PBM and not cosmetics or marketing purposes. If you want blue, green, yellow, and purple lights, go to the disco. If you want a photo-chemical reaction, our blend of red and infrared wavelengths is based on the best practices and most established research in PBMT. [ see what the pros say]. Just like we see in the cold laser market, IR wavelengths are the most used and the most accepted so our system follows these critical PBM trends.
  • Optimum Dosage: For years, we wondered why some devices (including most older LED systems) delivered poor results and other devices (like class 3b and 4 lasers) delivered amazing results. One of the most common causes is under-dosage. For every device on the market that delivers an appropriate dosage of light energy, there are hundreds that don't even come close. Because of their low powered LED's, many LED systems cannot deliver an adequate dosage even if you were to use them 24 hours a day. With up to 8000 watts of total power output, our systems are capable of delivering dosages faster than other PBMT devices.
  • Adaptive Programs: Most every book about PBM reviews how skin color and user size should be used to correct the dosage. The ReGen Pod follows these best practice for PBM of adapting the PBMT times based on the user's size, skin color and program.
  • Total Control: Each of the 4 wavelengths in the ReGen Pod is individually controlled so it can be turned on or off or it can be pulsed at any frequency between 1 and 10,000 Hz. Furthermore, the ReGen Pod also enables adjustable power levels when pulsing, allowing it to be turned down for people with that may have sensitivity issues. The ReGen Pod is a tool built to maximize flexibility and allows for users and practitioners to control all critical system parameters..
  • Internal Program Library: The ReGen Pod includes a standard library of internal programs and the system can expanded using our free app store to include 3rd party programs. Using the kiosk or any remote PC, phone, or tablet, users can create a list of favorite custom programs or select from the internal library or the app store library. These non-adaptive programs can be permanently download to the Pod for future use. This default set of non-adaptive programs are not customized for user skin color and size like ones built for a specific users. Users can also submit protocols for review and distribution of the group. This is just another way that the ReGen Pod is always improving.
  • Smart Pulsing: In the world of lasers, there are those that put the emphasis on controlling dosage and others that put the emphasis on the pulsing technology. Companies like Biolight®, Multiradiance® and Avant® put much the focus on pulsing the laser to deliver results. In building the ultimate Pod, we chose to give users total control of both dosage and pulsing. The ReGen Pod is a leader in pulsing technology because it delivers more pulsing control than most lasers and infinitely more control when compared to other PBMT Pods. Unlike lower-quality PBMT systems, the ReGen Pod has a large internal library of pulsing presets that can be expanded using the free 3rd party app store. All presets control the power level and pulsing frequency for each of the 4 wavelengths. By combining our smart pulsing into multi-step programs, users can step through any combinations of pulsing frequencies in one automated program.
  • Programmable Irradiance: Some recent research has indicated that the irradiance (energy density of the emitter) may also have a biphasic response. Although this research is new and controversial, it is no problem for the ReGen Pod. The Q8 allows for programmable irradiance up to 140mW/cm2 and the Q4 allows for programmable irradiance up to 80mW/cm2
  • Internal Safety Systems: Many of the coolest published pulsing frequencies (from Nogier, Shumann, Fuchtenbusch, and others) pulse the visible red lights at less than 60Hz. Unfortunately, these pulsing frequencies can cause seizures in some light sensitive people (like in The Andromeda Strain). This can be overcome with pre-screening but that is not an option if the Pod will be used in a health club or environment where anyone can access the system. With the ReGen pod, each owner can select to pre-screen the users and allow them to be inside the pod when it is pulsing the red below 60Hz . Or they can simply turn on the safety over-ride and the ReGen Pod will not allow the red lights to pulse in this dangerous range. This does not limit the pulsing of the invisible IR wavelengths so the system is still pulsing at less than 60Hz but it is not visible. This flexibility is just one of the state-of-the-art features build into the pod.
  • Software Driven: Unlike older hardware based technologies, the ReGen Pod is cloud-connected and uses propriety software that allows the ReGen Pod to continuously improve. Our architecture is built from the ground up to give users control to set software variables to customize the system for their needs. Our system offers huge possibilities for adapting the pod to your needs. This also means that as the technology evolves, the ReGen Pod will evolve too. Since the system is cloud-connected, upgrades to the system can be done overnight ensuring that the pod is always the best it can be. With a product this expensive, you don't to buy a device that might go obsolete and is already be obsolete when you get it. You need the ReGen Pod.
  • Relentless Dedication to Quality: Biophotonica is not ISO 13485 certified but our quality system strives to be compliant to the standard. With over 25 years experience with ISO quality systems, our focus is on continuous quality improvement and building the highest quality tools available. Since the ReGen Pod includes an integral option for collecting and tabulating feedback from users about the quality of the programs and the system, we are always pushing for better and better system performance.
  • Support for Future Expansion: In Anja Fachtenbusch's book "Laser Field Therapy", she discussed the newest concepts in laser field theory where lasers are used to create a field of multiple resonance frequencies. A simple version of this concept in implemented in more-advanced lasers systems like the Avant. The ReGen Pod supports this cutting-edge concept because users can do any combination of 4 pulsing frequencies and power levels simultaneously. The sweep function also allows the ReGen Pod to rotate different pulsing frequencies over all the available wavelengths.
  • Personalized Experience: The ReGen Pod offers the ultimate personalized customer experience. When customers log into the self-serve kiosk, they see programs that are only for them. This builds customer loyalty as each customer is treated as someone special.
  • The Best Return On Investment (ROI): Because the Q8 is the most powerful Pod in the world, It offers the shorted treatment times (about 1/2 to 1/4 of competing systems). This allows the Q8 to generate more income for a faster return on your investment.

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